My Daily Bread : Water Spinach,Indonesian Omelet and The Airtel Phone Bill

This morning, i finally got a call from my Father in Jakarta, after totally missed his call for 24 hours (He used to call me twice a day,so 24 hours is quite frustating for me).It was really energizing, that i decided to go for a lil bit shopping to the Famous camp market, 10 minutes away by rickshaw from my flat read more

Indonesia Tercinta :Tangis Presiden untuk Korban Lumpur Lapindo

Presiden menangis....
Demikian ungkapan simpati saya kepada presiden kita yang begitu lembut perasaanya,hingga tanpa ragu meneteskan air matanya didepan publik.Slanjutnya say amambathin dalam hati,"...SBY kan Presiden,..Dia kan punya Power,untuk memberi perintah dan mengatur jalanya pemerintahan..."


My Third Eye :Meal Of Goddess

Gods in India Love foods
Rituals such as yagna and homa are all about providing spoonfuls of butter to a chosen deity. No puja is complete without bhoga and prasadam. Gods in India are also rather fickle about what they are served: Ganesha wants modakas, Krishna wants butter, Shiva is content with raw milk, Shantoshi-Maa seeks bengal gram and jaggery, village-goddesses like lemons and chillies, Bhagavati feeds on roosters, Durga accepts buffaloes, Kali prefers goats while Pitrs or the forefathers insist on mashed rice cakes as they are all ‘toothless’like yet-to-be-born babies.

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Tylla's Kitchen : Sangria

This wine cocktail's name was inspired by its blood red colour (sangre is spanish word for Blood)

Traditionally made with red wine,fruit juices,soda water,fruit and sometimes liqueurs,and brandy or cognag,this drink has two histories,
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A Penny Of My Thougths : Why I go to India

.....India?? Are You Sure??......

It's a very common question whenever i answered their first question,

"Where do you want to continue your study?"